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Welcome To The Oakland Photo Vault

The Oakland Photo Vault is the premier website documenting the greatness of Oakland California and its surrounding neighbors.


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-Oakland Photo Vault 2021


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Be sure to check out our photo blogs documenting the numerous social, political, and editorial events happening in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area.

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East Oakland Billboard Congratulating Oakland Raiders Tom Flores On His
Long Overdue Hall Of Fame Introdution
(c) Oakland Photo Vault 2021
Thursday Night "El Nino" At The Bay Bridge
(c) Oakland Photo Vault 2021
Fireworks Over Chinatown During Lunar New Years Eve Under An El Nino
(c) Oakland Photo Vault 2021
Moto Sideshow Sunday
Over 10,000 Motorcyclist Invade Downtown Oakland To Pay Tribute To Two Of Their Members
That Were Shot (One Killed) Just Two Days Prior
(c) Oakland Photo Vault 2021


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