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Climate Change Night At The SFMOMA

The world Climate Change Conference came to San Francisco in September, bringing an international collection of speakers, celeberties, and activists.

With out of control firestorms, more powerful hurricanes, and a disminshing ice pack at the North Pole, participants sounded the alarm that humans were undertaking practices that were changing the climate and harming the planet.

With the world's attention drawn to San Francisco for the conference, organizers took the opportunity to thank the citizens of the Bay Area by sponsoring free admission to various San Francisco museums one Thursday night (which including the MOMA and MOAD) to honor protecting the climate.

Needless to say, Bay Area citizens took full advantage of the offer.

Btw. The Giant Polar Bear (placed at the Ferry Building to bring attention to climate change, and constructed out of automobile parts) quickly became a magnet for selfies and skateboarders.



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