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Eat Real 2018

The world famous Eat Real Festival once again graced the shoreline of Oakland's Jack London Square this September.

Tens of thousands of Bay Area residents descending upon the festival to try the food from over 75 different Bay Area and California restaurants and eateries.

Unlike other food festivals in the Bay, Eat Real emphasis is on food that provides sustainability for the planet. Therefore, the vast majority (if not all) of the participants in the festival only used sourced materials that were friendly to the environment.

Although the festival has moved away from its original mantra: nothing over $5 at the festival, the long lines at the various eateries were a sign that Eat Real fans didn't mind paying the extra money.

Before "Off The Grid" and the explosion of the gourmet food truck scene in the Bay, Eat Real placed an emphasis on sustainable street food and has become a annual fixture in the East Bay social scene for Summer.


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