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Harvey Milk Gets A New Terminal At SFO

Photos from the 2019 Community Day at the #SanFrancisco Airport celebrating the opening of the new Harvey Milk Terminal.

As the SFO Director of Operations stated: "It was 20 years in the making, and it seems like this airport is always under construction."

Tens of thousands showed up to celebrate the grand opening of the new terminal-still slated for an opening about 6 months down the road-and to also celebrate the life of former SF Board of Supervisor Harvey Milk (who was assassinated decades earlier along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone).

Although we had reservations if SFO could pull the event off, we will be the first to stay that it was a fun event with lots of entertainment, speeches, and food. Including the final appearance of Beach Blanket Babylon, singing San Francisco Open Your Golden Gates.

Even the weather cooperated by keeping the fog away so people could spend the afternoon in the terminal taking photos of the planes landing and taking off at SFO .

The funniest fact we learned was that all the windows in the new terminal were "smart windows" controlled by a computer. And every window in the terminal actually had its own IP address.


It was a rare opportunity to be a part of history, and we're glad we decided to go.

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2019


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