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Oakland A's Cause Another Fire... Maybe...

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

After the mysterious fire that transpired at the conclusion of the #OaklandA’s May 25 night game, the community was wondering if the city would allow Oakland’s baseball club to continue their firework tradition?

The answer was yes, and just a few weeks after the May 25 fireworks show, the #Oakland A’s held another #fireworks night for the community.

Even though the Oakland A’s backtracked and stated they did not think the May 25 fire that destroyed a portion of the ABC Storage company was caused by their firework show, the June 15 show had a visible fire spotter program in place. With Oakland A’s employees armed with fire extinguishers, Oakland police officers monitoring the event, the firework show continued without a hitch on the cold and windy night. As a matter of fact, for a Friday night fireworks night, the crowd was quite sparse with most of the streets surrounding the Coliseum empty-most likely due to the fact that the Golden State Warriors victory parade was held a few days before and parents were tired!

However, for us brave souls that decided to venture out to see if the show would cause another fire, we were not disappointed.

After the rousing fireworks show concluded, we noticed members of the Oakland’s A’s patchwork fire brigade running down San Leandro blvd and waving to a city of Oakland fire official who was on site monitoring the show. Shortly, the sounds of a lone fire engine could be heard in the distance as we saw another stack of crates, opposite where the May 25 fire had started, were starting to smolder. Realizing that their fire extinguishers were not up to the task, the Oakland A’s Fire Brigade quickly ceded authority to the city of Oakland who called in assistance from the Oakland fire department.

Although both fireworks shows were outstanding, the Oakland A’s were now 2 for 2 in starting fires in the East Oakland community in 2018.

The question was would they be 3 for 3 with the annual July 3 show?



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