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Oakland Throws Hip-Hop A Birthday Party

Updated: Jun 18

Coinciding with the closing of its highly respected RESPECT: #HIP-HOP STYLE AND WISDOM exhibit, highlighting the history and impact of hip-hop culture on the world, the Oakland Museum of California held a Friday night block party celebrating the birthday of hip-hop.

Highly attended, fans of hip-hop danced the night away as numerous local #hiphop artists took the stage to entertain and teach the crowd about the importance of hip-hop on the mainstream.

It was amazing the #Oakland #Museum actually held an exhibit celebrating the hip-hop culture and even allowing a full-blown impromptu hip-hop concert to take place on its property.

Just a few years earlier the Museum seem to shun anything dealing with hip-hop, or the fans that followed it. To be honest, we all have memories of last year’s Honey Wine Music Fest at the Museum that ended up with a massive response from the Oakland Police Department to deal with a few unruly fans.

Sadly, the museum hip-hop exhibit comes to a close the weekend of August 12.

So if you missed it, you can check out our photos of the exhibit in our Photo Blog section.

We cannot wait to see what the Oakland Museum has planned next.



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