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October 2018 Photos Of The Moment

Our photos from October 2018 that we have decided to share:

Oakland Police responding to a bank robbery

The world mural honoring Dewey Tucker

The Moon over Oakland

The New (Booo) Golden State Warriors Arena visible from Oakland

Golden Gate Sunset

Oakland Police Not Scared to block a fire hydrant

Sunday afternoon sunset in Oakland

The Moon over Kaiser

The Moon and Saturn over Downtown Oakland

Homeless encampment fire in Berkeley

The Marriot Strike begins in Oakland

Berkeley Sunset

Money, Money, Money

Sunrays at Ocean Beach

Illegal Firewood for Sale

Civic Center Plaza

American Pride over San Francisco

Fishing in Oakland (Yuck!)

Oakland Street Art

Oakland Police Enjoying Lake Merritt

Moon over Lake Merritt

Jupiter Over San Francisco

The Hunter Moon Over Lake Chalet

Merritt Strikers Leave Their Mark In Downtown Oakland

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2018


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