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The 2018 "510" Protests

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Citizens of #Oakland held their annual "510" rally and march at Oakland’s Lake Merritt.

Taking place on May 10 every year, the purpose of the rally is to protest the gentrification of the city of Oakland-mostly in response to new citizens moving into Oakland and attempting to use local law enforcement to harass people of color and displace long standing Oakland community traditions.

This year’s protest took on added meaning after a new resident to Oakland harassed a group of African-American men for BBQing at the lake.

Dubbed “#BBQBecky,” the African-American community quickly organized and responded in force to what they viewed as a continual attack on people of color by the “new Oakland” who seem to have no understanding of the city they moved to.

The term "510" is in reference to the 510 area code serving the city of Oakland.


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