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The 2018 Fireworks Season Begins (Oh, Dear!)

Memorial Day Weekend 2018 marked the annual start of the firework season in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay with Oakland’s professional baseball team, the Oakland A’s, presenting a Star Wars themed fireworks show Friday night.

Although it was chilly and windy, the Oakland A’s continued to wow the crowd with its usual wonderful show for the fans and residents parked outside the stadium.

However, shortly after the fireworks show ended (within minutes) a small fire broke out in the storage yard of the long-time Oakland business the ABC Roofing Company, after a few minutes the fire quickly engulfed a large portion of the storage yard causing the Oakland A’s and BART to close the walkway between the Coliseum BART station and the stadium. Intense smoke from the fire almost caused BART to evacuate the Coliseum BART station, but quick work from the Oakland Fire Department helped alleviate that situation.

Located less than 500 feet from the where the fireworks were being launched, fans quickly assumed that the fireworks show was the cause of the fire at ABC. However, with the location of the fire starting so close to the pedestrian walkway, there are numerous possibilities what actually caused the fire.

To date, fire investigators have not determined a cause for the fire.

However, the Oakland A’s assumed responsibility for the fire the day after, but quickly issued a statement stating they were mistaken. LOL


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