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The "510 Day" Boom Boom

Photos from the first fireworks show of the 2019 fireworks season in Oakland. In celebration of 510 Day, the #Oakland A's held a special event with fireworks after their game on May 10.

The A's stated they were celebrating 510 Day as a way to honor the history and culture of the East Bay and Oakland.

However, although we appreciated the A's taking the time to honor the idea of 510 Day we think they sort don't have an understanding of what the true meaning of what 510 Day represents in Oakland and the East Bay. The Oakland A's seem to think that 510 Day is a day to celebrate hip-hop music and East Bay sports legends. It is not.

510 Day was created by Oakland residents to combat the rise of gentrification and evictions in Oakland and the #SanFrancisco Bay.

Therefore, in many ways with the A's attempting to build a new ballpark in the Jack London/West Oakland area, they are doing are advocating for the practices that the day hates.

However, on a positive note, we are happy to report that the Oakland A's fireworks show didn't cause any fires this time.

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2019


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