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The BART Chronicles: Chapter One

Our long awaited photo blog dedicated to our photos featuring the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

We've created this photo blog because it was becoming to difficult to share our numerous experiences with BART on social media, and to highlight some to the things we have seen riding the system for over 20 years.

Covering over 150 miles, BART transports over 350,000 riders daily around the San Francisco/Oakland (and soon San Jose) Bay Area.

Operating in 1972, BART has become one of the premier transportation systems in the Bay.

However, with a rising crime rate on the system, and a general malaise by a small segment of the riders, no single day on the system is ever the same.

Our pictures capture just some of the many moments we have witnessed on what has become one of the more infamous transportation systems in the Bay Area. :)

Be sure to check back as we post new pictures to the website at a later date.

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2018


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