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The Camp Fire Effect (Volume One)

Photos from residents in Oakland and the Bay Area responding to smoke from the massive Camp Fire burning near Paradise, California (almost 200 miles away)

descending on the area.

A few years ago, it would of been unthinkable to dealing with out of control wildfires and smoke inhalation in California. However, due to numerous factors, including Climate Change, questionable forest management policies, and the invasion of the urban interface in wild land areas, California has now become a 24/7 wildfire season State.

For the record, as bad as people think the current "smoke attack" on the Oakland and the Bay has been, it has not even close compared to the bad air produced by last years' Napa Fires and the evening of the 4th of July.

This is Volume One of all the photos we have taken attempting to document the Bay Area's response to the smoke descending upon the area.

We will post Volume Two at a later date so be sure to check back!

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2018


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