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The Covid-19 Tales (The Banished Princess Comes To Oakland)

Updated: Jun 18

Our photos of the banished #GrandPrincess cruise liner being escorted to the Port Of #Oakland after being banished from docking in San Francisco due to having numerous passengers on-board that were sick with the #Coronavirus.

Although Oakland residents balked at the idea, the mayor of Oakland (under pressure from the Governor of California) allowed the ship to dock in Oakland-with National Guard helicopters buzzing Oakland for hours while the passengers were transferred to various locations.

Needless to say, residents were even less thrilled to find out that the ship would return a few weeks later and dock in San Francisco to restock and spend money in that city after they unloaded all their infected passengers in Oakland.

The same city that earlier stated the ship was "too dangerous" to dock in San Francisco.

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2020


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