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The Covid-19 Tales (The BART Experience-Part One)

Photos from the impact of the #Covid19 lock-down on the Bay Area Rapid Transit System and its riders in the #Oakland, #SanFrancisco Bay Area.

Due to numerous factors, ridership dropped from a count of over 400,000 daily riders to just 18,000 daily riders (and continuing to drop).

With a lack of riders, the system continued to be overrun by the homeless, the mentally ill, and just those with criminal intentions, roaming the trains with free will.

Despite its best efforts, and the fact the trains have been overrun by individuals refusing to comply with social distancing protocols, and the sharp rise in criminal behavior on the trains, we doubt BART will ever return to "normal."

Stayed tuned for our video to be posted at a later date.

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2020


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