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The First Week Of 2019

A gaggle of photos from the first week of 2019 in the #Oakland #SanFrancisco Bay Area, including:

Steph Curry’s Under Amour Party

It was a little bit of a miscommunication, but Steph Curry told the people of Oakland that he was having a party to celebrate the end of the Golden State Warriors tenure in the city of Oakland. However, it quickly turned out that the “party for Oakland” was actually a corporate event to help advertise Curry’s new footwear and other products.

Although the party was free, there were numerous limitations that made it next to impossible for the average Oakland citizen to attend the event. For instance, for whatever reason, the Fox Theater only allowed enough people into the event to take up the dance floor with the balconies and upper levels of the venue closed to the public-thereby denying over 2000 extra bodies into the event.

However, we give credit to the organizations that put on the event, but Oakland knows the REAL goodbye party for the Golden State Warriors should be the victory parade in downtown Oakland if they win the 2019 NBA championship.

The 1st “First Friday’s” Of 2019

The long running First Friday’s event returned for January in the #KONO district. And, yes, your eyes did not deceive you-there was a heavy police presence for the event.

However, despite the extra security, there were reports of various fistfights taking place after the event in the early morning hours.

A Day At The Beach

The first Friday of 2019 reminded us why we love living in the #Oakland #SanFrancisco Bay Area. Despite the wind and cold, Ocean Beach was actually filled with various individuals enjoying Sun despite the government shutdown (technically, Ocean Beach should be closed since the federal government operates the beach).

Since the federal government operates Ocean Beach, trash pickup at the beach has been non-existent since the shutdown. Therefore, the San Francisco Public Works Department lent a hand and started removing the overflowing trash for the federal government.

The Hells Angels Live

In case you thought the Oakland biker gang was an urban legend, the Hell Angels did a “ride through” Uptown Oakland Friday night to remind everyone that they do still exist and operate in Oakland.

The Gang War Has Begun

As most of you already know, but was confirmed with numerous shootings and deaths the first Friday night of 2019, the gang war between East and West escalated.

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2019

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