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The Great Oakland Police Chase

Updated: 15 hours ago

Our photos of the rowdy police chase by SFPD ending in North Oakland. Still don’t know the whole story, but it appeared that carjackers tried to (or did) steal a car in downtown San Francisco. SFPD quickly arrived on the scene and chased the pair across the Bay Bridge into North Oakland.

Of course, the driver, going about 90 mph, couldn’t make the turn at the 51st exit and literally smashed the vehicle into the center divider. Both occupants quickly exited the vehicle and jumped into the bushes along Highway 24 evading SFPD officer-until the CHP arrived with their airship that quickly located the pair hiding and telling them that they should give up before arriving Alameda County Sheriffs units released their dogs on them.

One of the duo quickly surrender and we were told that other part of the pair actually evaded capture.

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