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The NEW Salesforce Transit Breaks Down

Open for just a few weeks, the brand new multi-billon dollar Salesforce Transit Center (Salesforce just owns the naming rights, nothing else) is forced to close after cracks are found in two structural beams holding the center up.

Fearing a collapse, local officials closed nearby streets and forced irate commuters to the "old" "temporary" Transit Center that the new center apparently was supposed to replace.

Needless to say, the operators of the Transit Center are bearing the brunt of irate politicians and communters demanding answers. A local investigation by news organizations turned up evidence that the contractor involved with the "damaged" structural beams also provided defective steel to BART, which has caused untold delays in opening their San Jose extension.

To date, the Transit Center remains closed to the public while center officials try to fix the problems as fast as possible.

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault


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