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The Oakland Stomper Invasion

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the #OaklandA’s in #Oakland, the A’s and City of Oakland teamed up to post 50 life-sized #Stompers around the city.

Instead of having a standard color scheme, the Oakland A’s had local artist design their own #Stomper, each showing a unique artistic design and statement of Oakland and A’s history.

Understanding the history of this project, members of the Oakland Photo Vault have taken to the streets in an attempt to photograph as many Stompers as we can before they are removed-or worse.

However, unlike the majority of photo bugs who are bragging about their Stomper photos on social media, we didn’t drive to any of our Stomper locations. Instead we took public transportation or hiked around Oakland to get our pictures. After all, if you’re scared to walk the streets of your city, then you need to think about leaving. Lol

To date we have photographed about 33 different Stompers, with 3 Stompers going “MIA” due to damage and vandals.

We will continue our Stomper Hunt as time permits. LOL

The Stompers are scheduled to be removed at the end of the 2018 baseball season.


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