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The Weekend Of Wind And Smoke

A few photos from the remarkable weekend of October 25-28 when Northern California dealt with a "remarkable" wind effect causing multiple wildfires to burn and cover the region in smoke.

To make matters worse, the region was also shocked (for the wrong reasons) when the largest public power provider in the region (Pacific Gas and Electric) began proactively shutting off power to communities it labeled as "high-risk fire danger."

All of the above would come to a head on October 26 when multiple wildfires broke out in Vallejo, Crockett, South San Francisco, Lafayette, and other locations during a major winds storm-with Bay Area residents seeing firefighters from all over the Bay responding to various events in the region.

Needless to say, as the power started to go out, no one was happy and PG&E ratepayers began to ask what did PG&E do with all the ratepayer money paid to it in regards of upgrading its infrastructure for public


We're 100% positive this will not be our last photo blog concerning this topic.


Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2019


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