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San Francisco Photo Adventure (To The Waterfront)

Photos from our recent Saturday afternoon/evening photos adventure in #SanFrancisco #California.

Covering over 10 miles, we walked from downtown San Francisco to the Potrero Hill waterfront, to the new (and hated) arena for the Golden State Warriors, passing by Oracle (formerly Pac Bell) Park and the new Muni project to the CalTrain Station.

During the walk, we took numerous photos of various items of interest that caught our eye. The most striking being the face we never knew San Francisco had carpools for the "reverse" commute our of the city.

That was interesting to see.

As usual, we came across our favorite parking lot security robot who was doing his rounds-minus the opera singing this time.


Regarding the new Golden State Warriors arena, although the fence line around the project is starting to be removed as the project reaches its conclusion, the construction site is now being guarded by members of the San Francisco police department in case you were getting any ideas about "crashing" the project and getting some "behind the scene" pics of the arena before its grand opening.

As usual, we look forward to more urban photo hikes around the Bay in the upcoming months.

Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2019


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