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The 2018 Holidays (Part Two): Christmas Eve With The Raider Nation

After a long history of football excellence, the #Raidernation celebrated what will most likely be the last #Oakland #Raiders football game in #Oakland #California.

For various reasons, too numerous to list here, the Oakland Raiders will be moving to another city in the near future, and the city of Oakland (not too happy about it) filed a lawsuit to recover millions in damages from the team before they move.

With the lawsuit filed, the team immediately announced they would not finish out their contract with the city of Oakland and County of Alameda for the 2019 season.

Therefore, although neither party has issued an official statement, Raider fans were in agreement that this was the last Oakland Raider game in Oakland.

And what a party it was….

The Raiders won the game over the hated #Denver Broncos with Raider Nation celebrating the victory by stealing an Oakland police car (check out our You Tube page for the police call) and trying to “hit” passing BART trains with their fists as trains entered the station.

We don’t know if this was the last Oakland Raider game for Oakland, but after all the mayhem that happened on Christmas Eve, we don’t think the city of county would be prepared to deal with another Oakland Raiders “final game in Oakland.”

By the looks of all the empty bars in downtown Oakland for the game, it would appear that the majority of Oakland citizens are fine with the Raiders leaving.


Credit: Oakland Photo Vault 2018


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